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There are many reasons a person might sell his policy. They might want to use the money to enjoy their golden years, fulfill a lifelong dream, or most simply- can’t afford the yearly premiums and would rather cash out than see their policy lapse.

Yes, it is a perfectly legal and legitimate transaction which is overseen by competent lawyers. It is a common asset purchased by experienced investors and large life insurance companies for the purposes of diversifying their portfolios and securing large returns.

All investments carry a degree of risk. As investments go, this investment is relatively low-risk/high reward. We have 25 years of experience in finding policies that have the best chance for a successful output. The person you know possibly bought a bad policy or didn’t have the information he needed to make an informed decision.

Not with our fund setup! We purchase 20-30 policies which allow for a quicker likelihood of payout.

We charge 20/2%, also called 2 and twenty.  This pays for the management of the fund and ensures that we have the fund’s best interest in mind.

The success comes from decades of experience and tens of profitable investments. Over the years, we’ve learned to look out for specific variables that increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. Someone dabbling in this for the first time will likely not know what to look out for. Additionally, going about this on your own means you only own the policy you purchase – not a part of many policies – which carries a larger risk of a long wait for returns.

Every investment carries a risk of losing money, however it is highly unlikely with the method that we go about purchasing policies. To get a better understanding of the cost and reward, see how the numbers perform here.

We maintain the policy meticulously and update our shareholders annually to keep them posted on how the fund is performing.

Life insurance companies have
a secret

Life insurance companies have a secret

Many policies lapse and benefits are often not collected, bringing enormous profit to the insurance company.

Make the most of this knowledge and use it to build your personal portfolio.

Invest with Capital X 10,

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